Saturday, 28 November 2009

Melting in the Rain

Christmas Market in Trier

South Africans even after years abroad, melt in rain. Well, unless they are from Cape Town.

We met up at the Christmas Market in Trier last night with with some ex-Zimbabwean, South African friends living here. We hardly had our mugs of warm glühwein in our hands or the skies opened.

While my German husband was still standing sipping, we began to move. "Where can we eat, where can we go indoors?" The Germans stood thick on the market: not moving, sipping and talking or calmly taking out umbrellas.

We thought nothing of it to march into a café with our untouched mugs of glühwein in our hands. We unceremoniously plonked them on the table and then peeled off our dripping wet coats. We told the waitress we intended eating there too.
No-one said anything about us drinking glühwein not coming from their café.

We had a pleasant evening watching the rain through the large windows; first sipping our glühwein before moving onto drinking wine and beer and eating a lovely meal. And we laughed and talked of Africa!